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Harrowing details behind a gay Toronto serial killer’s reign of terror

This article contains harrowing information about a gay serial killer in Toronto who intentionally targeted innocent gay men through apps like Grindr and such. Please, if you use these apps, protect yourself and be safe.

Majeed Kayhan, 58The serial killer, per the Daily Mail, was identified as Bruce McArthur, 66, who was charged with three more additional murders on Monday in Toronto.  Of the latest three murders, those have been identified as:  Majeed Kayhan, 58, Soroush Marmudi, 50, and Dean Lisowick, 47.

The charges first reportedly  came after forensic investigators were able to tie evidence together and discovered dismembered remains in a nearby home in Leaside.   That home, apparently, had a connection to McArthur.
McArthur was first charged with first-degree murder(s) earlier this month in the deaths of Selim Esen, 44, and Andrew Kinsman, 49, who both disappeared from Toronto’s Gay Village abruptly.
McArthur’s trial is pending per additional forensic DNA evidence and positive identifications on more bodies.   Investigations first began in 2015 after gay men in the Toronto area began abruptly disappearing, before, Project Prism and its task force was formed to investigate the  reported crimes.

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