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Thousands more JFK assassination files declassified

WASHINGTON, DC — Good news for those hoping to finally get answers in the crime of the century.    According to the National Archives,   thousands more  classified documents have been released  in accordance with the Supreme Court ruling that all be released by  2017.

The newly 3,000 something documents,  detail in great format, how the   CIA and the United States Government certainly had Lee Harvey Oswald in their eyesights — but failed to ultimately stop Oswald from committing JFK ‘s murder (in which they believe he did alone).

The documents delve deep into the alleged connection between Oswald, and, the Soviet Union and an apparent visit to Mexico City just a few days before JFK ‘s murder.

JFK, for our younger readers, was murdered 22 November 1963 “reportedly and allegedly” by a sole-killer by the name of Lee Harvey Oswald.  Interestingly, the documents show that a 1975 CIA memo had Oswald under great watch by covert officials and government watchdogs.  So much so, that, his personal mail was intercepted by the government from Nov. 9, 1959, to May 3, 1960, and again from Aug. 7, 1961, through May 28, 1962.

Even further, a 1978 FBI memo may shed some light as to why some people seem to have still hung on to the popular belief that Oswald did not act alone. According to the documents (and the memo), in 1978, the original fingerprints lifted from the reported rifle used — reportedly disappeared entirely resulting in officials being unable to locate them.

Police and state officials reportedly went before the House Committee in Washington D.C to declare that the fingerprints lifted from the murder weapon had disappeared.  There was never apparently an official answer as to why.

5 Quick Facts About Lee Harvey Oswald:

  • He was indeed a defector to the Soviet Union.
  • He defected; returned to the U.S, and then sought to go back to the Soviets.
  • He traveled to Mexico City just days before JFK ‘s murder in hopes of getting visas to Cuba and or Russia, both were denied per the declassified documents.
  • In the days following JFK ‘s assassination,   Lee Harvey Oswald was  shot dead by Dallas nightclub owner  Jack Ruby.


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