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Tobacco ads on American television are about to get a whole lot more confusing

A Marb tobacco ad in Atlanta in 1999.

Tobacco ads in the United States, uh, are about to get a whole lot more confusing.  According to a 1999 Supreme Court ruling, and a 2006 judgement,  tobacco companies are now being forced to finally comply with a particular order from a federal court.   That order, perhaps,  will now see their ads on television actually tell you how harmful their products are  in their entirety rather than just a minimal sense.

The ruling came from judge Gladys Kessler, who,  lambasted tobacco companies across the spectrum for flat out deceiving the American public about the harmful consequences of their products. In the seething 1,600 page ruling, Kessler, ruled that the tobacco companies must comply with the new regulations. Those regulations regarding television ads and advertising spots began in October.

Some of those ads are actually pretty hard to watch.   One admits that  tobacco smoking in the United States kills more people than practically any possible crime; health risk, and or cancers combined.     There will reportedly be a total of five ads that will begin appearing across American television.    Documents show that certain parts of the country  started to see them as of Sunday.


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