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Louis C.K is pictured.

Nobody’s apparently immune to sexual harassment allegations, not even Louis C.K.  In a bombshell NYT report,   at least five women have come forth with sexual harassment allegations against C.K.   The claims range from various forms of harassment, including, one similar to that of Harvey Weinstein.

Per The Times,  most of the allegations claim that sometime in the past 15 years or so  C.K.  tried to forcibl and often against the will of women  masturbate in front of various female celebrities.   Rebecca Curry, in 2005, claims that C.K tried to masturbate with her on the phone after getting pretty raunchy.

In the 1990’s,  an anonymous woman who  worked on the Chris Rock Show claims that she also was sexually harassed by C.K during production. Alike others, he, even tried to masturbate in front of her.


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