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A little history on the lethal toxin used in Botox injections

Ever thought about getting Botox? You might want to think twice after reading this.  Following the news that Botox has hidden Clostridium Botulinum somewhere in America — we thought we would take a moment to dig deep into the lethal toxin.

Here’s what we know:

The toxin is the most potent and the most lethal toxin known to human kind.  Experts say even if a small crystalized gram of the toxin were released into our society, millions, would almost instantly die.

The toxin acts as an internal suffocation type toxin, followed, by almost instant paralysis and death.

The U.S government and Allergan (the company that owns Botox and the mentioned toxin) have shrouded the lab located in Irvine CA in so much secrecy — very little is known about what is actually hidden by the heavily guarded walls of the lab.

Allergan has a $2.8bn empire on their hands, and, with skyrocketing numbers in terms of Botox usage there’s no sign that their net worth is slowing down.

What strains, if any, cause harm to humans?

According to scientific evidence,   strains A-F have the ability to cause irreversible damage to mankind and the humans in which it immediately comes into contact with.   Experts have previously proven that these strains are known to be the only strains of the toxin, that, can cause actual harm to humans (keep in mind, this toxin is also found in canned goods, and, foods..)


Fact: This toxin can also be found in food poisoning, the kind, that nobody wants and usually ends up in the emergency room for three days after coming down with. It is extremely deadly, and severely life-threatening. 

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