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Voters line up in Caracas the capital of Venezuela on 15 October.

VENEZUELA —   Despite harsh threats from President Nicholas Maduro,  opposition to the socialist dictator has moved forward with their pending votes in a hopeful bid to restore governorships across the region for the first time in more than 2 decades. The vote comes after months of hardships and violence in the country as people continue to flee, and, hope for some sort of change in the midst of a violent dictatorship at the hands of Maduro.

Venezuelans across more than 23 states in the country are lining up this afternoon to vote, in hopes, that their votes may actually count.  Opposition officials weren’t able to determine if any potential threats to voters safety and such were capable of occurring, however,  such may be imminent under President Maduro.

Early this morning, a video appeared on  Venezuelan television showing  Maduro in the Presidential palace. Inside the Miaflores,  Maduro, attempted to put on his best front claiming that the “exemplified Democracy” in Venezuela was very much still alive.

This is an ongoing story. 

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