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#MacronGate Caribbean Bank staffer confirms existence of Macron account

As newspapers across Europe scramble to  cover the remaining   Macron e-mail leaks (there’s nearly 10GB worth)  we’re continuing to dig deep into the leaks themselves.     First up,  numerous e-mails point to alleged tax evasion on behalf of Macron. Macron, uh, reportedly has multiple accounts in the Cayman Islands.

Yes, the Cayman Islands.   Multiple bankers across the Cayman Islands have willingly confirmed that Emmanuel Macron indeed has multiple accounts across the Cayman Islands at at least two financial institutions.  These accounts according to the financial institutions have existed since at least 2014.

In phone calls with the institutions, we, managed to confirm that through  Macron ‘s  articles of incorporation  that the accounts do exist but the banks would not confirm how much or what exactly was in the account. It remains unclear if Macron was actually using the accounts for tax evasive purposes.The partial confirmation of the accounts comes from  First Caribbean International Bank, the same bank,  noted in the image floating around social media.

A bank staffer confirmed the existence of the accounts only after we verified who we were and that we were news journalists seeking positive confirmation for purposes of saving a country from political death.

As pictured above (we are attempting to translate the e-mail)  an e-mail appears to be about a budget plan and related to financial means for the campaign. (We’re having trouble getting in contact with our French reporters since the government ordered French journalists to stop publishing this info).

Some of the e-mails we’ve now come across, essentially, paint Macron as a very dark political elitist-soul. Additional e-mails show that Macron is at least partially (so to speak) funded by the Americans.   This came in part  after comparing e-mails between Macron ‘s campaign; The Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia, and the American government.  Macron, has,  received at least 11 payments from the American government since launching his campaign for President.

That feat above paints a whole different picture than the Macron, that Macron gave the French public during his campaign.  Political agendas in America have long reportedly sought to gain further interests in France, and with the resignation of Francois Hollande, they saw a fitting moment in time to intervene.

In the midst of this particular report, it, has come to our attention that the French government is now threatening fines and imprisonment against those who continue to or begin to report on the e-mails or this election.  We will continue to speak up, and out for the sake of the French people.  Democracy must be protected in our world.

We are continuing to comb over documents and e-mails and have plenty more to say throughout the day leading into the final election for President in France. 


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