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These are all the STD’s that don’t require you to have actual sex

There’s an age old myth that not having actual sex,  will stop you from getting any form of STD’s.  But,  we’re here to tell you — someone has been lying to you and then some. In partnership with the New York City Department of Health, we’ve teamed up with NYC officials to talk sex; STD’s, and more.

Pubic Lice & Crabs

You can actually get this one just be touching someone’s skin a certain way that may already have a lice infestation.  No sex is actually required.  To treat this STD,   special soaps containing chemicals that chase away mice (literally) are required unless you make a trip to the clinic. The at-home remedy, is a special at home soap with the chemical:  The soap must contain at least 1% permethrin.  The chemical itself kills the infestation of lice.

Mollescum Contagisum

This one’s a bit more interesting. I had never actually heard of this one until  our partnership with the New York City Health Department. Officials say that this one is also contracted by skin-to-skin contact and can also be contracted through actual sex.    Having sexual relations with a partner who may not bathe often, or may be potentially dirty, plays a big part in this one.  “Healthy hygiene is an important factor in keeping from getting this particular STD’ says the health department.

The less torturous feature of getting rid of this one is also an at-home cream . Podophyllotoxin cream (0.5%) must be applied to the infected spots. You can expect it to clear up in about a week.


I really hate the thought of an “Unwanted  gift you can’t get rid of” other than the obvious HIV, this one, is right up there in that category.     Unfortunately, there is no cure for Herpes and doesn’t look like there will be in the near future.   There are available pills over the counter and through your doctor (must ask!) that will help shorten  the outbreaks, and, even help you  from spreading it all together.

Cause:  Skin-to-skin contact and oral/physical sex.


I’d type out the full name of this one, but most of you, would probably be looking at your computer screens like high-school kids look at their teachers during French class.  Unlike Herpes this one actually has treatment but requires a bit of work. If you think back to your immunization days,  you might remember that this one actually comes in the form of a shot.    The immunization is meant to help you, although some still get it. If you manage to still get it, head on over to your doctor and discuss your treatment options (they vary greatly depending on your case).


This one is pretty serious ladies and gents.     Ladies, please,  if you find yourself infected with this STD  go get tested and immediately.     Chlamydia can cause you to lose your entire ability to have children, and sometimes, forever.  This one alike others is contracted by skin-to-skin contact with infected individuals and actual sex.

This one is generally transmitted: oral-to-genital contact.

P.S Stop freaking out while reading this, its easily treatable by antibiotics.

Syphillis .

This one is probably our pick for the second worst next to HIV/AIDS.    This one is only curable by a major shot that is required at a clinic.  2.4m  units if pennicyln   put into your body in a single shot to prevent the spread and continuation of the virus.    It can be contracted by..

Oral to genital, actual anal/vaginal sex.

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