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Atlanta attorney facing manslaughter charges has holes in his case

So many holes, one’s mind, might just slightly be boggled at the idea that this wasn’t an accident.  Enter: Claud McIver. McIver, is currently on trial for the murder of his wife dating back to September.  McIver, is reportedly facing manslaughter charges on top of a hefty time in prison.

Here’s where it gets interesting. According to court documents and reports from People Magazine, McIver was “asleep in the backseat of his car when he jolted awake and the hand gun he conveniently happened to be holding went off”. Went off, and er,  ended up shooting his wife.

New documents emerged over the week in the case indicating that there may have been a little bit of motive not previously clear in the murder. Docs show that McIver owed his wife Diane upwards of $350,000 that he was previously loaned by her in December 2011.  The payoff date was reportedly set for December 2014 with (interest).

The shooting occurred on 25 September, when Diane and her best friend were in the front seat of their SUV (she was in the passenger seat). He claims that he had allegedly fallen asleep while holding a gun, and then jolted awake, and it went off.

McIver claimed in initial testimony and documents that the loan had gone towards building the  $1.3m  barn that now sits on their property complete with guest accommodation’s; renovations, and more.  The problem?   His story about the loan doesn’t quite add up.

Prosecutors didn’t stop there.

According to additional documentation uncovered on McIver, he was also arrested and charged in 1990 with aggravated assault related to shots fired at a car belonging to three teenagers.

McIver’s attorney refused to comment when contacted by The Daily News.

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