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Prime Minister Theresa May is a woman of many questions, mainly, because nobody really knows truly how she felt about Brexit. Given such, that’s particularly the reason a reported secret speech she gave to US bankers matters so precisely. In unearthed speech documents revealed over the course of the past month,  May, gave secret uppity speeches to the likes of big time bankers like Goldman Sach’s in America. 

During the time Brexit was being hotly debated in London and beyond, May, gave a rather lukewarm reception to the news and evaded many of the questions that surrounded her own stance on the troubling issue. But, the disclosure of these speech documents paints a much more devoted May than one may have been led to believe before her appointment as Prime Minister of the United Kingdom. 

The documents revealed a May who held a much stronger emotional attachment to staying in the European Union rather than leaving it. Why, she would have posed such a speech to Goldman Sach’s but left a different lasting impression to the general public, is, essentially why May’s speeches actually matter so much. 

Could it be that the Sach’s speech was part of her own views on the issue? Likely. As pointed out by numerous other newspaper columns May’s entire pre political career existed mostly within the financial realms at the Bank of England.

Interestingly, in both speeches to major US banks May expressed her strong belief that Britain should have taken a stronger role in Europe rather than exiting entirely. In an even longer hour long private speech again to the same bank, May, expressed that Britain should remain in the single market as is rather than leave. Forcing a lasting concern that Britain leaving could cause some of Britain’s biggest businesses to relocate to mainland Europe in the wake of an actual financial crisis. 

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