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Donald Trump did illegal business in Cuba in the 1990’s

img_0167And this time, er, people are listening. Back in the 1990’s the Cuban trade embargo was still present blocking any commerce or business in and out of the country from the United States.

According to the latest edition of Newsweek, it goes much deeper than that thanks to one particular real estate mogul: Donald Trump. Newsweek claim she that Trump concocted his way into Cuba under illegal terms, and then concocted business schemes related to his Trump hotels and Casino Resorts.

Furthermore,  Trump apparently ran for the 1999 Presidential nomination of the Reform Party and lost. He made an unparalled campaign stop in Miami, to speak to Cuban Americans. These revelations hold significance because Trump not only broke the law, but, had at one point claimed he would never spend a dime in Cuba as long as Castro was in power.

At the center of that claim is the fact that Trump had later spent about $68,000 in Andy out of Cuba during his Miami campaign stop ultimately benefiting Fidel Castro.

Ex Trump employees reportedly further told Newsweek that Trump was aware of any related expenses; finances, and the ultimate say so of what happened in Cuba.

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