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We’re investigating an alleged account opened by Wells Fargo

Everybody at The Daily News primarily is a Chase customer in America, and, various other banks throughout the world. Not among those banks is Wells Fargo, mostly, because they’ve already opened fake accounts using Sultan Khan’s information in the past using a name that isn’t his.

This time we’re investigating an apparent opening of a business account linked to Wells Fargo. We by no means ordered the opening of a business account in Wells Fargo, and, have for some time been genuine customers of JP Morgan Chase.

Concerns within Wells Fargo first turned up over the summer after  bank accounts bearing almost identical information sans the name turned up at the bank matching Sultan Khan’s information.

We learned of the account after our financial regulators in house received notification that we apparently had an open and delinquent business account within Wells Fargo that must be paid. The bank went as far as to call our offices with collection calls, the problem, is that we never opened a business account with this bank.


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