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Parents in Arizona arrested after cocaine substance found in child’s system

TUCSON, ARIZONA —   Apparently cocaine babies are a thing, at least,  for one couple in Arizona.  According to Tucson police Som Lisaius, 42, and Krystin Sorich Lisaius were arraigned Tuesday  on three charges related to their infant child testing positive for cocaine in their system.

Police say that the mother, er, apparently had taken the drug at one point within the last week or so and then proceeded to breast feed her child shortly after. The problem?   Lisaius apparently thought that even though 12 hours had passed since consumption of the hard drug, that, the baby would be fine.

But they weren’t. Police tell The Daily News that the baby later tested positive for cocaine after being taken to the hospital.  The infant, just four months old,  is now in the custody of the state.

Search warrants obtained by The Daily News note that 1.59 grams of cocaine was found inside the Lisaius home.

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