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Arizona teacher fired after school district discovers Only fans account but wait until you find out who the teacher is

2024 is shaping up to be quite the year. According to KVOA, Nkechi Diallo was dropped from her job at the area Unified School District after her online activities were discovered. But that isn’t all.

The Lowdown

Diallo is Rachel Dolezal the infamous white woman who faked being Black a few years ago in Spokane Washington. At the time, Dolezal had worked for the NAACP and had an entire life as a Black woman that didn’t exist because she was born to white parents.

School officials at the district reportedly discovered the account after images from her Only fans began circulating on Reddit. It is unclear if she placed them there or if someone else did though mentions of her Only fans also appear across Instagram.

Diallo was teaching young children after-school courses but it is not clear how she managed to land the job. It is the latest scandal for the infamous race faker who was previously caught up in a welfare fraud case in Washington before she fled.

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