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Bob Menedez’s bribery scandal involves a 007 phone and a $35k diamond ring: Court Docs

Bob Menendez’s bribery scandal and the impending unraveling of the scam are here. According to court documents, Menendez’s scheme included a 007 phone and a $35k diamond ring meant for his wife.

The Lowdown

According to reports, the federal case against disgraced Senator Bob Menendez is well underway. Court documents released this week revealed that Menendez’s scheme included his wife allegedly alternating between a 007 phone and an ill-gotten $35k diamond ring.

The pair had an arrangement per the documents with Egyptian American halal purveyor Wael Hana. However, their arrangement fell apart when the man tried to cheat them out of the price of a diamond ring believed to be worth about $35k.

In this instance, the Feds allege that Menendez received upwards of $150,000 in payments for intervening in a criminal fraud case.

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