Record exec L.A Reid has been accused of sexual assault by former assistant in shocking lawsuit in New York

Influential record executive Antonio ‘L.A’ Reid is the subject of a new lawsuit in New York City from a former assistant that claims he sexually assaulted her. According to reports, the documents claim it only got worse.

The New York Times reports that the woman has been identified as Drew Dixon. Dixon has a long history of having worked with the Grammy-winning producer, although, this is not the first accusation of sexual harassment and harassment against Reid.

In this complaint, Dixon claims that Reid set her up essentially for failure after she rejected his many advances before she departed working for him in 2002. She also says that during this time Reid sexually assaulted her twice. Following her departure, she further claims that Reid set out on a campaign to make sure she’d never work again. Reid has not issued a public statement on the unraveling situation.

Dixon’s story with Reid began in 1996 when she arrived at Arista Records at the time. In one instance, Dixon was invited out to NYC to scout an apartment with Reid for Reid to allegedly make the entire ordeal uncomfortable and sexual.

“During the entire afternoon of showings, Mr. Reid made flirtatious comments. It was so pervasive that it caused the realtor to comment to Ms. Dixon privately that he was left with the impression that Mr. Reid was ‘in love with her,’” it reads in part.

In two more instances, Dixon disclosed in the suit that Reid allegedly assaulted her in the back of one of his vehicles, and again on a private plane both in 2001.

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