“Shock” as ex-Republican lawmaker Ray Holmberg accused of flying to Prague to sexually assault a minor in latest example of the GOP ‘s not so secret perversion

Sometimes the Apple truly doesn’t fall far from the tree. According to reports, another member Ray Holmberg of the GOP and Republican party has been brought down for alleged sex crimes.

This time former North Dakota lawmaker Ray Holmberg has been hit with federal charges that claim he flew overseas to rape a minor (but it gets worse.)

According to reports, Holmberg ‘s alleged criminal secrets include a varying level of perversion but also sexual assault and rape. In the same charge handed down by federal authorities this week, Holmberg is additionally accused of possessing illegal child porn throughout much of the whole situation.

The lowdown.

According to the federal case, Holmberg ‘s alleged crimes date back to 2011. Beginning that year in June, the feds have accused Holmberg of traveling to the Czech Republic for several years. He traveled to the area until about 2016 and it is alleged that during these visits he came with the intent to rape a minor under the age of 18. The other charge dates from about November 2012 to March 2013.

His home was initially searched in 2021 in regards to this case.

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