The story of that daycare worker who exposed a tot to fentanyl just keeps getting more terrifying with every new detail

New details in the federal case against a daycare worker and her estranged husband in New York City are certainly catching attention. Grei Mendez De Ventura the owner of the daycare has since been arrested and charged in the death of the 4 year old boy.

According to new reports, the daycare owner is not at all who she has long alleged to others she is. Reports suggest that Mendez De Ventura moved from the Dominican Republic about 9 years ago, but allegedly did so under malicious and otherwise ill-advised intentions. De Ventura who was married at the time of her arrest was apparently married under false pretenses that have caught the attention of authorities.

The Post claims that De Ventura married her husband under fake pretenses in order to move to the United States. From there, she allegedly repeatedly put her husband through hell according to members of his family who spoke to the outlet.

The family later cut ties with her after the troubled couple divorced only to learn about her again when 1-year-old Nicholas Feliz Dominici died after being exposed to dangerous amounts of fentanyl. Three others who also attended the Divino Nino Daycare were hospitalized when the tragedy took place. De Ventura along with Carlitos Acevedo Brito have both been hit with murder charges among others.

Following the tragedy, cops discovered that the daycare was actually a front for a drug operation. Kilo presses among other items were also found in the home.

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