A number of popular OTC medications in the U.S don’t work for common colds: FDA

A popular brand of a Sudafed (and several others) according to the FDA doesn’t actually work. In a new report, FDA advisers say they found that the key ingredient doesn’t actually help with congestion.

Government advisers and researchers for the FDA are out with a new report about a collection of common cold medications that may not be as effective as previously thought. According to that report, Products with phenylephrine, or PE, don’t actually help with a stuffy nose (arguably the worst part of a cold.)

The medications that commonly contain this ingredient are: Sudafed, Allegra, Dayquil, and other popular medications stocked on market shelves, per the AP.

If the FDA follows through with the entire process, retailers and pharmacies could be required to remove products containing the ingredient from their shelves.

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