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Social security in the United States is as the name suggests. Often misrepresented as an entitlement program, people far and wide forcibly pay into this program their entire lives. This is nobody else’s money but the Americans in which are paying for it.

But in a new interview, Presidential candidate Nikki Haley repeated several GOP talking points regarding current retirement ages. The comments of course have attracted significant commentary and controversy. Haley reportedly believes that the retirement age should be raised well beyond 65 for younger workers.

But several commenters on X both appearing to be young and old repeatedly wondered how that was fair considering younger Americans are paying into the same SS pot older Americans did their entire life.

“Any candidate that says they’re not going to touch entitlements means they’re basically going to go into office and then leave America bankrupt,” she said.

“Social Security is going to go bankrupt in 10 years. Medicare is going to go bankrupt in eight,” the former U.S. ambassador to the United Nations warned. “So the way we deal with it is we don’t touch anyone’s retirement or anyone who’s been promised in but we go to people like my kids in their 20s when they’re coming into the system and we say the rules have changed.”

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