El Paso gunman learns his fate receives 90 life sentences for his terrifying crimes

Patrick Crusius, 24, the white shooter who infamously shot up an El Paso Wal-Mart in 2019 in a racist attack has learned his fate. After pleading guilty to more than 50 federal hate crimes, Crusius may still face additional punishment including potentially the death penalty.

El Paso’s infamous mass shorter Patrick Crusius is facing more than 90 life sentences following the latest twist in his years-long case. Crusius back in 2019 infamously shot up a local Wal-Mart at the time targeting Hispanic people that were shopping inside. His case is considered to be U.S. government’s largest hate crime case ever.

Following Crusius ‘s sentencing by US District Judge David Guaderrama in El Paso the case had become dominated by two days of impact statements from relatives of the victims, including citizens of Mexico.

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