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Disgraced Youtube star Colleen Ballinger ‘s chips are falling faster than a hail storm in the middle of New York City on a chilly night. This time the troubled Youtube star has been accused of further breaking the law after it was revealed she allegedly sent unauthorized nude photos of Trisha Paytas without her consent.

More fans have now emerged against Ballinger but this time the allegations are much different and appear to be in violation of California law. In California, sharing an intimate image of someone else regardless of who tey are without their consent is illegal. It is unclear if this has been reported to police according to Huff Post who also managed to track down Trisha Paytas herself who was not happy about Ballinger ‘s actions.

Many of the texts suggest that Ballinger managed to obtain the photographs and content from behind Paytas paywalls of her adut sites. Paytas has openly been a sex worker for many years though keeps her content behind paywalls to prevent minors from accessing the content. The shocking tweets that revealed the claim were first seen by Huff Post.

Trisha Paytas has responded to the release of the messages that revealed the innapropriate photos of her sent to people without her consent.

Need help? Visit RAINN’s National Sexual Assault Online Hotline or the National Sexual Violence Resource Center’s website.

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