DOJ is now asking the judge in the case against Donald Trump to extensively delay his trial

Prosecutors in the federal trial against Donald Trump are now asking for the case to be delayed until 11 December. According to a court filing, prosecutors are arguing that the change is necessary for the case to succeed.

With a trial date initially set for 14 August Donald Trump ‘s legal team may get a big boost to their efforts to delay his array of legal misfortunes. U.S District Judge Aileen Cannon is now reviewing requests from prosecutors and government lawyers on the grounds that not everyone has the right to view classified information. Donald Trump ‘s lawyers are understood to be going through the process to obtain such a clearance, however, as noted by prosecutors that could take some time.

But, they also said in their Friday filing, “Even with the prompt production the government has arranged, the inclusion of additional time for defense counsel to review and digest the discovery, to make their own decisions about any production to the government, and for the government to review the same, is reasonable and appropriate.”

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