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In what may sound like something straight out of a scary movie — has become reality for police in Kenya.

Kenyan officials are scrambling to figure out how a religious cult managed to spring up and nobody saw it coming. According to reports, police in Kenya are investigating after the discovery of a number of bodies in unmarked graves. The bodies are believed to have been followers of a Jesus cult and were killed by orders of starvation.

Cops think that many of them died after being ordered to die by starvation. In total, the government estimates there may be as many as 201 known victims so far with 600 victims still missing.

The whole situation is understood to have played out in the 800-acre Shakahola Forest. A known area that is home to a Evangelical group believed to be of the extremist kind.

Its leader Mr Mackenzie allegedly believed children should starve in the sun so they die faster.

It all traces back to one man in particular. In an eyebrow raising piece in the New York Times, the Times revealed how the church and the area had descended into chaos. Chaos that in more ways than one can be attributed to a man named Paul Mackenzie.

Who is Paul Mackenzie?

Mackenzie is a so-called faith ‘leader’ that authorities allege has been pushing a cult in all senses possible. It is alleged that Mackenzie, believed to be the leader of the group, has some of the harshest religious based beliefs possible.

Beginning back in January, Mackenzie first gave the order that people including children must die by starvation. First, children were to die sometime in January followed by women and men later in the Spring.

The bizarre demand as allegedly made after Mackenzie told the group’s followers that they could meet Jesus if they followed orders.

Multiple people who spoke to both the Times and other outlets have painted Mackenzie as nothing short of a conman in Jesus robes.

He is also understood to have believed in the apocalypse and other end of the world conspiracies.

The government’s problem now.

Authorities must now wrestle with how to tackle the group. Religious freedom is completely guaranteed under the country’s constitution — leaving cops struggling to figure out how to proceed.

This is an ongoing story and we will have more information as it becomes available.

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