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The lion the witch and the thieving attorney

Los Angeles based attorney Sara King is the latest name in a long list of names that have been accused of prolific scams in recent years. According to reports, the ongoing case against King in California has now seen the woman accused of photoshopping; editing, and outright stealing pictures from search engine websites to flaunt a life she didn’t have. Prosecutors say that King would use photographs from the internet showing pricey watches; fancy cars, and other luxury items to secure hefty loans from banks and financial institutions.

Sara King, 39, is being sued by British Virgin Islands-based lender LDR International for allegedly taking out $10.2million in loans that she then used to fund 'an extravagant lifestyle'

In a new interview with The Daily Mail, King’s estranged ex-husband revealed the shocking claim against the disgraced attorney. It was also revealed that King has been sued by a Virgin Islands based company known as LDR International. LDR International was reportedly the bank she used in the scam where they had asked for collateral in order to get the loan. Instead they claim she used the money on a wild spree including a huge gambling trip in Las Vegas.

King was only caught per documents when an employee flew out to see them in Los Angeles and discovered that it had all been an extraordinary lie.

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