Notice: We are issuing a retraction over the 2017 stories we published involving the American rapper #Mystikal

Notice: We are lawfully required in the United Kingdom to publicly disclose when retractions are done as a news agency and therefore are issuing this notice in full form along with an apology to the woman previously named in the stories.

Effective immediately the stories have been removed from our network.

In light of yet another rape case against the rapper, it has come to our attention after an internal review that we were openly misled by Mystikal ‘s inner circle in an effort to downplay and trash Dilligard at the time. This was done we’ve learned in an effort to beat the then allegation against him only for the same allegation to resurface circa 2022. As a result and as a result of our findings, retractions have been issued for a total of four stories published that year along with the photograph that appeared to have at the time been from Shanobia ‘s own private family album that was leaked to us by an unidentified party close to Mystikal.

In 2017, at the height of many of the original accusations against the US rapper we were contacted by then anonymous sources (who we have since ID’ed to actually be those close to Mystikal) with a series of text messages; photographs, and an entire background report on a woman named Shanobia Dilligard (previously Robinson.)

We do not know Mystikal personally or those close to him but we have since learned that many of those stories and so called sources were actually posing as third parties when they were actually contacting members of the press in an effort to influence public opinion. All stories including the text message s have been archived and if required we are more than happy to turn them over to the American police in the case against Mystikal.

Sexual assault and such is never under any circumstance okay. And for that, we must apologize to the victims that Mystikal’s inner circle attempted to use our news agency to downplay. Everybody has a right to tell their story especially in the court of law and we hope that justice is served against Mystikal once and for all. We don’t know if Ms Dilligard will see this but if it travels far enough we extend our most sincere apology to you and your family.

If you or someone you know in the United States has been a victim of sexual assault help is available. You are not alone.

National Sexual Assault Hotline

Hours: Available 24 hours

Learn more


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