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Brooklyn Shooting: Here’s what we know + creepy Frank James arrest details

Last updated on 2022-04-19

On Tuesday as many people know a mass shooting took place in Brooklyn against reports that 62-year-old Frank James may be quite the disturbed individual. Initially, it was reported that the shooter had not been identified and had been wearing a mask when the shooting took place. Hours later, however, new information has surfaced in the manhunt for the shooter that terrified many and left more than two dozen injured (everybody appears to have survived the attack as of this writing.)

Cops say that James allegedly rented the now infamous U-Haul truck found in Gravesend actually in Philly. Numerous reports indicate that cops were able to actually track down the U-Haul van to the neighborhood about 4 miles from the station where the shooting happened. James though remains on the loose and is considered armed and dangerous.

It must be reiterated at this time that James is just a person of interest as confirmed by the NYPD and FBI. He has not actually formally been accused of any crimes or this particular crime.

Information reviewed by Bazaar Daily confirmed that a man by the name of Frank James matching the age and description given by the NYPD matches that of a Milwaukee resident. It does not appear that James in any recent point in time had been a resident of New York City or Philly (though has known ties to both.)

The total count of those injured in the attack has since risen to 29. 5 of those 29 are understood to be in critical condition but are expected to survive.

James was reportedly arrested in the village (that’s a neighborhood in Manhattan) after evidently phoning in a tip abut himself to crime stoppers. It is understood that he appears to be a Black militant of some sort that may have severe racial issues towards others apart from mental health issues. He is believed to be facing terrorism related charges in federal court as the case prepares to play out for the public to watch.

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