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This is why Griselda Blanco is trending

The real Blanco is said to have been responsible for over 200 murders and was thought to be one of the most dangerous women in the world (Blanco pictured in 1985 aged 42)

According to Netflix, their new crime drama which is very much a true story is coming. Titled Griselda the series follows none other than Griselda Blanco (the original OG of all drug lords that probably have ever lived. Yes the original Kingpin is actually a Queenpin by a longshot.)

Vergara, 49, is set to play the legendary cocaine godmother in a film that probably will attract allot of criticism. The glamorisation of Blanco ‘s life isn’t and hasn’t gone over well throughout the years. Nonetheless, Blanco remains a humungous part of history as the world’s first female criminal billionaire.

Born in 1943, Blanco would go on to become known for smuggling drugs out of Colombia and into Miami and there from then on. Her network would at some point in history (the date exactly is unclear) would become the largest ever built by a drug dealer.

Throughout her life which will also be seen in the film it is understood that Blanco committed more than 200 murders though the number may be much higher. A high flying gangster in her own right — Blanco is known to have killed people as young as 2 and as old as 65.

Blanco was gunned down officlally back in 2012 after a gunman opened fire on her outside of a market in Miami.

It’s exact release date isn’t clear at this time.

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