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Another PPP scammer has met their fate as FL man caught in $2.1m PPP loan scam

PPP loan scams are making headlines these days almost weekly in America. According to reports in the U.S state of Florida, Valesky Barosy at least as he was known online is the latest person to be caught in the midst of PPP loan scams by scammers looking to fleece taxpayers out of money. Hailing from Miami — Barosy originally from Haiti stands accused by the feds of fleecing more than $2.1m from taxpayers through the SBA programme to fund as you might’ve guessed a lavish lifestyle.

Valesky Barosy, 27, pictured here on his Instagram page, is accused of fraudulently obtaining pandemic-relief loans to buy a Lamborghini, among other luxury goods. – INSTAGRAM

Prosecutors claimed in documents that he used the funds to buy lambos; fancy watches, and other ridiculous items that were as many reports have said “peak Miami.” He is being held in federal attention on multiple charges including but not limited too wire fraud.

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