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Britney Spears’ father Jamie Spears has filed to end her conservatorship after 13 years of ruining her life: Reports

Pop legend Britney Spears may finally have her wish. According to court documents obtained by NBC News, Jamie Spears has filed papers confirming he has at least on his part relinquished his role in Britney’s conservatorship and is formally asking a judge to dissolve such entirely. The move comes 13 years after Britney ‘s heartbreaking meltdown at the height of her fame.

Per the documents the judge presiding over the case will now have to review the documents entirely ultimately making the decision that will hinge on Britney’s future as a free woman. In the documents, Jamie acknowledged that Britney had the right to determine whether or not she felt that it was appropriate for her to still be locked into the conservatorship. In recent weeks, it has emerged that Britney not only wants to get married but would like more children but had been blocked from doing so by those controlling her life.

The case will now formally go before the court just weeks before Britney ‘s own follow-up hearing had been scheduled for the case.

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