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NYC is investigating another anti-Asian attack as a hate crime that took place on the subway

New York City has had so many anti-Asian hate crimes lately it is a wonder people aren’t terrified to walk the streets yet. According to local news reports — the city is investigating yet another hate crime that took place on the subway and was captured by a popular Tik Tok user. The Tik Tok user caught the entire altercation on camera which saw an Asian man be violently beaten while others stood by and watched.

It is unclear exactly what triggered the altercation on the subway. According to the Twitter user, the individual choked the Asian man until he was unconscious on the subway — neither of the two individuals have been publicly named so far. Against the backdrop of a significant spike in anti-Asian crimes New York City has had multiple itself in the past month.

Late last night, Brandon Elliot was arrested after the assault that took place on an elderly woman downtown that was infamously caught on security camera. That individual had a notorious rapsheet which included murdering his own mother though he had been released on lifetime parole.


If you or someone you know has information about this incident, you are asked to call the NYPD immediately.

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