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Toddrick Hall, the most famous token Black man of them all, is back in the news

That’s because in order to defend his friend Taylor Swift (and there’s nothing wrong with Swift we might add) he decided to try and slut shame others and it’s just messy.

It all started when Ginny & Georgia made a joke about Taylor Swift ‘s love life. If you’re not familiar — it’s one of Netflix ‘s hot new shows right now. #Bingeworthy

But then on Tuesday Hall decided to jump on Twitter himself in an effort to defend his friend. Again absolutely nothing wrong with Swift jokes present or aside.


But like with most things things you post on the internet are there forever. Twitter users quickly pointed out that Hall is indeed a hypocrite.


But Hall ‘s messaging about so-called female empowerment has been overpowered by his own previously published sexist tweets.


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