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Quake Lewellyn, 28, who used his vehicle to kill Sydney Sutherland will stand trial for her murder

Quake Lewellyn, 28, last September violently mowed down Sydney Sutherland with his vehicle in Arkansas. He then proceeded to rape her damaged body before dumping her for dead. He dumped her and then buried her in a wooded area.

In January, by way of court order a judge ruled that Lewellyn was to undergo a mental examination to determine whether or not he will be fit to stand trial.

On 15 Feb, it was declared that he is fit and will stand for capital murder charges in related to her death. If convicted he will be put to death.

The harrowing death of one Sydney Sutherland is finally about to take hold by way of justice. This week the case against Quake Lewellyn, 28, is set to proceed and will be a capital murder trial. Sutherland died last year after being violently attacked by Quake using his vehicle in the town of Newport a small rural town in Arkansas.

It is unclear if Arkansas will actually carry out the death penalty considering it has been fairly difficult for U.S states to get their hands on injection drugs.

Licensed forensic psychologist Lacey Willett found the 28-year-old is fit to stand trial, Fox 16 reported. 

‘It is my opinion that at the time of the alleged conduct, Mr. Lewellyn did not manifest symptoms of a mental disease or mental defect,’ Willett wrote in her report.  The same report made it clear that when Quake was questioned himself he also noted that he had no known or serious mental health issues.

He will face capital murder charges; kidnapping, among others. He has since pleaded not guilty to all of the above despite having previously admitted to such things according to local media outlets.

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