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Movie Time: Melissa McCarthy stars in #SuperIntelligence the most uncomfortable funny movie you’ll see this year

HBO Max is back with their latest offering and it is a creepishly awkward sendoff to the future that awaits us if A.I continues to sort of gain speed like it does now. Not that A.I is a bad thing but it most certainly is something that should be checked and kept in the right hands at all times.

Comments: While delightful; enduring, and funny at times Superintelligence certainly poses the question about whether or not humanity is ready for its own reckoning with the rise of artificial intelligence. Because, well, it’s definitely coming whether people want to admit it or not.

Carol (played by McCarthy) is a delightful city slicker with a love for animals and life. Working as a pet caretaker in the city, McCarthy accidentally finds herself immersed with an artificially smart device that happens to be able to morph into any device she uses or touches.

It appeared out of no where. 2 years into a break up with the most New Yorke type of man I’ve ever seen — Carol embarks on a new life after receiving a massive check from her AI system that has a set of goals. Those goals range from helping humanity save itself from itself or ending humanity all together.

The plot of Superintelligence seems awfully familiar to that of Next that was on Fox a few weeks back before it abruptly got cancelled. Although delightful and funny, the cinematography is rather interesting as is the humour and the acting. At times the storyline does seem fairly cheesy and as about as Queens as one could find — but it makes for a loveable enduring film.

Perhaps some of the cons of this movie are the often dry jokes and the fact that there are some pretty corny New York slang words used in the wrong setting. The love chemistry between Carol Peters and George is like if a man from Manhattan accidentally fell in love with a man from Queens or Staten Island who likely was a UPS driver or a mailman.

Star Rating: 2 1/5 stars

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