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We’re back with our T.V column this week and the show of the week. This week we bring you Fox’s newest show NEXT. NEXT is about a rogue A.I machine that breaks free from its company and ends up spreading across the country. The machine eventually becomes so powerful — it sets out to as you may have guessed harm the population. If that sounded like a biographical piece on Elon Musk, you’re not at all alone here.

No of Episodes so far: 2

Premiere/Intro Rating: 3 1/2 stars

Editors comments: In a modern America and a modern world where technology is advancing far faster than humans could have ever possibly imagined —- we are beginning to reckon with the idea we may end up being outpaced. NEXT tackle’s the idea of a rogue A.I system that humans lose control of — something we in real life have feared among technocrats more than just a handful of times. FOX ‘s newest project is both a mastery as it is juicy —- the play on a very real problem makes for an excellent show and a deep dive into helping people understand artificial intelligence.


In this epic science-fiction thriller (with a hint of real life) John Slattery stars as Paul LeBlanc —- the rather larger than life former executive of Zava a massive A.I tech company. That company along with LeBlanc ‘s help was responsible for the creation of a super intelligence like A.I system that actually has ulterior motives than originally intentioned.

Secretly battling a brain tumor (and truthfully this premise and show is very similar to that of a recent movie we screened at the Daily News called LX 2048) —- LeBlanc abruptly cancels the device out of fear that it could and actually had begun creating a technological singularity. In non-nerdy terms, a dominant technological entity.

At times through Next it seems like the device may have some sort of emotional attachment to LeBlanc but that remains to be determined as the show progresses and the like.

This brief review will be updated as the show progresses.

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