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Report: Taliban soldiers were paid to kill U.S Army troops in Afghanistan

TALIBAN: The Taliban are a set of terrorist groups and their members that carry out such attacks across the world. It is usually pretty difficult to determine who exactly are members of the group. It is said that bounties were discovered after a raid on one of their compounds found American money earlier this year.

A damning new report out amid allegations that Donald Trump failed to address Russian-bounty claims is here. According to reports, John Bolton actually addressed this matter to Donald Trump late last year after he himself was briefed. First came Bolton; then Trump, then the CIA, then other foreign governments.

The New York Times reported today that Bolton briefed Trump last year and then again in February on the same matter. However, multiple Trump officials are now defending Trump citing that there was no “sign of actionable evidence to suggest this was credible” despite what is actually surfacing now.

Firstly, the news initially surfaced last week after reports claimed that Trump has knowingly been ignoring info provided to him from briefings for years. Despite denials from Trump that he knew, er, the CIA and its director actually found otherwise in a threat assessment as noted in their own statement.

Director Gina Haspel of the Central Intelligence Agency released the following statement about threat assessments and how they work as of Monday morning.

The report has echoed throughout the halls of Washington and Congress aisle-wide as Democrats and Republicans are fuming. Members of both parties are demanding answers —- as such a situation would be akin to treason if Trump failed to address such.

On Sunday, the AP backed up the initial reports with their own.

Over the. weekend — reports surfaced from the Associated Press adding further fuel to the fire. The American news website published excerpts from a series of Presidential briefing memos that appeared to confirm the news. The memos have since been shown to apparent members of Congress.

How did they find out?

According to multiple reports, Seal Team Six first made the apparent discovery of reported bounties earlier this year. During a mission-excursion, the special class team found a reported $500,000 (that was in American dollars) during a raid of a remote Taliban outpost. In the initial two briefings, it is alleged that Trump in fact was told about this and told again months after it was originally found.

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