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NEW YORK — Big news in the airline industry today as AA has confirmed that they’ve stopped all long-haul flights in an effort to curb the Coronavirus. The airline now says that international long haul flights will be tightened until 6 May — or (“greatly reduced.”)

Next up — Nike has announced that it is closing all of its U.S stores and beyond in an effort to prevent a storewide outbreak of the contagious coronavirus. Those stores as with most of the other Nike stores in the world will remain closed from Monday through 27 March.

And then – Andrew Cuomo is reportedly asking the government for permission to mobilise the army igniting fears that lockdowns may be imminent.

Shockingly – Pope Francis and what not confirmed on Sunday that Easter Services this year will continue, however, there will be no faithful attendings due to the spread of the virus.

Our hearts go out to South Korea – The government has now declared parts of South Korea hit hardest by the virus as disaster zones. This means that the government can now subsidize expenses related to the disaster to help people out, it also means that people may not have to pay their utility bills and whatnot for a while.

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