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He’s perhaps a famous criminal by now, literally, by all accounts.  The ladder end of 2015 saw Ethan Couch narrowly escape a probation violation, only, after his mum  Tonya reportedly helped him flee Texas for Mexico.   Couch, was arrested just before the New Year in Mexico — but for the time being will remain there after apparently filing legal docs to keep himself in the country.


According to reports,  Ethan, remains in Mexico City whereas his mother Tonya was previously deported earlier this week back to Los Angeles for arraignment for her own part in his fleeing the country on criminal charges. Ethan, claims that his rights were violated and he “has the right to stay in Mexico”.  Although, the twosome allegedly entered the country improperly to begin with.

Couch’s case of life on the lam gets pretty interesting to say the least.   Dallas Morning News ran a report over the weekend in which claimed that Tonya and Ethan had apparently brought  their “large pooch” with them to Puerto Vallerta.  Staying at the Los  Tules resort, they, used the dog to avoid criminal detection and questions from fellow hotel-guests by claiming that “the dog was illegally taken from them and their rights had been violated while in the country”.

The same newspaper claims that hotel guests grew suspicious of the mom-son criminal duo after they refused to provide their names and “didn’t properly register with the hotel”.  With no proper I.D’s,   the two were “just from Texas” (that was until Ethan decided to order Domino’s pizza per other reports).


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