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James Comey, the former director of the FBI, officially has a new book out (almost).   Alike the Associated Press, we, also got an advanced copy ahead of the release — and can honestly say — it is certainly juicier than expected.     In it,  Comey, details Trump’s crusade for complete control loyalty no matter the cost to others.

A crusade for loyalty, that,  could potentially and eventually cost Trump his spot in the White House.

  1.   Trump was obsessed with that Russian dossier

That infamous Russian dossier, that uh, revealed Trump went to Moscow on numerous occasions for sexual romps was dirty-deeds indeed when it came out. At the time, the dossier (compiled by a British spy) went on to note that Trump had hired numerous prostitutes in Moscow to “pee on each other” (among other things, that, we won’t talk about here).     Comey claims in his book that such news, indeed,   sent Melania herself into a tizzy. “He wanted me to make it go away to ease her mind”.  Comey writes in the book.

2.  Trump didn’t care that the Russians were closing in on America

In a January 2017. meeting at Trump Tower,   several high-level officials including James Clapper (among others), all gathered to inform Trump of the security breach and that America had been compromised. The shocking response? According to Comey in his book, Trump, didn’t seem all that bothered.  “They were about to lead a country that had been attacked by a foreign adversary, yet they had no questions about what the future Russian threat might be,” Comey writes. Ultimately, Trump and Co, had  then turned to discussing  how to spin the story for the public.

3.  Trump is apparently rather short in person…. kinda…

But then again,  Comey himself is damn near 7’0 tall.    In the memoir,  Comey, jokes  of how Trump  ‘s hands are awfully small and that he had intentionally tried to size the President up.  Awkward, we know.

4.  The election

Comey admits that  his decisions regarding information found about Trump; Clinton, and those pesky e-mails. during the election were kind of controversial.   Controversial, uh, because 11 days before  the election   Comey announced that the investigation into Clinton ‘s reported use of a private server (and e-mails) would be re-opened. A decision, perhaps, that would go on to cost Clinton the Presidency.  “I was worried she would be an illegitimate President had I not been honest about the facts” writes Comey mid-way through the book.

5. Lying Trump

Comey repeatedly in the memoir claims that Trump may have a distinct issue with the truth, something, that he would later go on to deny multiple times to several different White House staffers.

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