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AMTRAK is making headlines yet again.

In my last rant I said I was going to start a, “your turn” movement, but thanks to Amtrak I need to start a,” I’m tired” movement. WHAT IS SAFE ANYMORE? I live in NYC, so by far, I’m already traumatized by public transportation so all of these incidents are making me feel like private transit is even worse. She might not die from rat encounters but ride Amtrak; Noella Fe says,” She has to fear for her life.

Two hours ago another Amtrak train crashed in South Carolina leaving two dead and over 90 people injured. CNN reports that the two people dead are in fact Amtrak employees. News outlets said that the Amtrak train had a collision with a freight train. These crashes are beyond absurd; the freight train was stationary(meaning the dam freight train wasn’t moving)(slaps forehead) as a protocol. However, the Amtrak train was on the wrong side in a report from CBS. The Chicago Tribune says the emergency brake was hit. The story is still under investigation, so we have to wait to see who hands that truck drivers blood is on.https://www.google.com/amp/www.chicagotribune.com/news

Many questions can’t be answered in light of the incident that comes relatively close to the last episode that happened in Virgina. Notice that I keep using the word incident. Noella Fe Says, “None of these dam incidents are accidents.” I read so much. I forgot to write down where I got the information from that quoted a former employee admitted in an interview that employees did runs that they were poorly trained to do. GREAT!

The thing that is hitting my mind is, WHAT IN THE HELL IS AMTRAK DOING? It doesn’t matter if it’s the train or the actual conductors/operators fault. This is a nobody is doing a proper check before these trains pull out of the station situation. This is after so many miles trains and conductors/engineers should be checked issue. If I’m not mistaken there was also one in December; in that incident, the operator said he knew he was going fast but no signals flashed to warn him that he may indeed have been going to fast. .http://www.foxnews.com/us/2018/02/04/amtraks-deadliest-crashes-in-recent-years.html

Common sense isn’t required I get it.  Is good judgment required? How do you say to the families, “We regret what you are going thru and there’s nothing we can do to fix this grave mistake.” In actuality, it wasn’t a mistake. So far each operator made a sound decision to do what the fuck he wanted and not what was appropriate for the safety of the passengers.

Stories are still developing, but we will keep you posted as soon as we know more.

From myself and on behalf of Bazaar Daily we send comfort to the families of past and present that have lost their lives traveling on Amtrak.


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