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Exclusive: Amid arson arrests, Baker High School has a growing problem

Last week, we reported of alleged rising school violence at Baker High School in Louisiana.  A concerned resident tipped us off to videos and evidence indicating that the school board isn’t doing what they’re supposed to.  After airing last week’s story,  students are coming forward with their own version(s) of events. 

On 21 September authorities intervened after a video appeared on social media of a 2-on-1 violent fight involving high school students at Baker High School.  Furthermore, 3 more teens were then arrested for arson that caused $400,000 worth of damage. 

A school official who preferred to remain anonymous did tell The Daily News that “These are definitely not isolated incidents and they’re on the rise.    That video that appeared online and in the news earlier this week is only half of what we’ve seen lately. But,  school officials just don’t give a darn”  a statement reads. 

Initially reported earlier this week,  a concerned resident tipped us off last week to what she said was violence being ignored by the school district.  As young people ourselves, we,  took on the story assuring her that we would investigate the reported violence.

What we discovered was grim.

Due to the fact that these are children involved (we spoke to them with the consent of their parents)  we will not publicly identify them. We are choosing to air these stories as we prepare to take on the school district, in hopes, that with the public hearing it from their own students that they will be forced to do something. 

Over the weekend,  a particularly black male student came forth to The Daily News.   He did confirm his attendance at school, and,   what we discovered through our chats with he and his mother were nothing short of scary.

“There were numerous occasions that white kids would call him a ni****.  I can’t count how many times I would have to talk to him when he came home, and, reassure him that there’s nothing wrong with being black”  said his mother.  “The school board doesn’t just not do anything about the violence, they, ignore harmful remarks made towards black children’.

But it doesn’t stop there.  “He came home about a month ago in tears terrified.  A group of white boys approached him in the bathroom calling him all kinds of names and the fact that he has a weird shaped head. They wouldn’t let him leave.   He came home asking me if he could switch schools, because,  the had collectively pulled down their pants and told him “This is what ni*****s are best at” his mother continued.

When we learned of this we did indeed confirm that on 5 September 2017 the incident did indeed occur however the school administrator “didn’t do anything about it.  I told them what happened but they didn’t do anything about it other than “talk to the students”.  So I went home and told my mom and now I don’t want to go back to school” the 17-year-old high school student tells the Daily News.

On Wednesday,  The Daily News initially did attempt to contact Baker High School. During both attempts, we were hung up on by the school.  As we continue to investigate the acts of unusual bullying and violence being reported out of the high school, we, will continue to bring you more information.


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