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NSA tool linked to massive cyberattack spanning more than 100 countries

There’s a big problem striking hospitals and such all over the world. According to what we’ve learned, a NSA tool has apparently been linked to a massive cyberattack spanning more than 100 countries.

According to officials, hospitals and their systems across the world suddenly went down this week after the attack first it. What happened next, perhaps, got a bit murky.  The new tool was apparently discovered last month during a leak by Shadow Brokers, who, have been releasing NSA hacking tools since at least last year.

Companies and hospitals in Britain; Russia, the Ukraine,  and more were troubled.  Appointment books; allergy databases, patient information databases, were all compromised in the reported hack.   According to British police, more than 75,000 computers across the world were compromised — while demands for financial means in terms of bitcoin have been made.

If not made in a week’s time, the hackers, will reportedly take it off the table leaving most of the hospitals without the necessary information they need to operate.

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