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Trump is getting very close to this terrifying dictator

Over the weekend, Donald Trump, continued to apparently solidify his relationship  with some of the world’s most terrifying dictators. Enter:  Duterte, President of the Philippines.     Presidential reps for Duterte say that they received phone calls from  The White House over the weekend, signaling, that Trump ‘s administration would indeed drop all frosty-attempts and jabs at Duterte ‘s administration.

For those that don’t know, Duterte, is that one dictator who is actually ordering the assassination of  his residents who use hard drugs among other things (but that’s not the only horrifying abuse of power he commits).   Meanwhile, Presidential reps say that “Trump welcomed with warm open arms Duterte and his staff to the White House, while, reiterating that the two country’s would continue to work  their relationship towards better terms”.

Meanwhile, The White House reiterated earlier this month that they would “continue to maintain working  relationships with civilized countries” according to Sean Spicer.

How Duterte is civilized, uh, remains to be determined.

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