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Here’s more on that missing boy in California

Last week, we brought you news of a missing child in California. That child, at the time, was identified as  Aramazd  Andressian  Jr. Initially, it was thought that Andressian Sr was responsible for his disappearance amid a custody dispute with the child’s mother.

Days after our initial report, we confirmed that Andressian Sr had been released from jail after security footage proved he was in the park alone (at least when he was seen on tape). The mystery surrounding the disappearance of Andressian Jr essentially, uh, deepened.    He was first reported missing by his mother that Friday, who,  noted to police that he never showed up for his usual weekend with his mom.

Now,  we’ve learned a whole bunch more.  According to investigators, Andressian Sr has now (“remembered a bit more”) about what happened in the park.   While unconfirmed as of this time, it appears that Andressian Jr was actually abducted after his father was attacked in the park.

On Friday,   police confirmed that they conducted a search using scent-ready dogs at Andressian Sr’s home only to turn up with nothing.    As of this writing, Andressian Sr,  is no longer the only suspect in his child’s disappearance.

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