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S. Korea’s ousted President has been jailed

SEOUL — It’s a reign no more, Park Guen-Hye has officially been arrested and jailed over the troublesome corruption allegations that rocked her Presidential rule.   Officials confirmed to The Daily News that Guen-Hye was arrested Friday afternoon, and, is expected to remain in jail while her case is heard and she is officially charged.

Under S. Korean law, she can be held for up to 20 days while charges are pending and a judge formally hears the case against her.  Among the top charges against Guen-Hye? Bribery, which carries a life sentence as a criminal charge in its own right.

Interestingly,  more information is now trickling out as to what kind of businesses Guen-Hye allegedly tried to bribe and extort. Prosecutors claim that Guen-Hye along  with other high profile Korean officials tried to extort businesses to the tune of millions for personal gain.

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