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Is this the beginning of the end for Donald Trump?

If new reports out Thursday are to be believed, then yes, this may very well be the end of Donald Trump. According to the WSJ,  Donald Trump ‘s former national security adviser Michael Flynn has reportedly offered up his testimony and known knowledge of Trump ‘s alleged connection in exchange for immunity from prosecution.

The news comes from apparent valid sources who  claimed to The Journal that Flynn “is aware that he may face criminal charges” and “is prepared to offer and has offered what he knows to the FBI in exchange for immunity from prison time related to the case”.  It is unknown at this time whether or not the FBI has taken the offer.

The indication that Flynn has proposed what he knows in exchange for immunity “is certainly a sign that Trump ‘s campaign is hiding something related to Russia” one expert explained. “A former top ranking official like a national security adviser exclaiming that he is ready to pony up information in exchange for immunity, is a sign that criminal behavior has occurred.”

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