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Mylan – – Heather Bresch — and that infamous WVU MBA she claimed she had

It appears Mylan has more problems than just the risin price of an EpiPen. Apparently a few years back, Heather Bresch apparently found herself embossed in a nasty scandal over 1081115-13-20160825092738claims that she had an MBA from WVU. The claims were looked into by a Post report a few years back  and were later discovered to be entirely untrue, somethin, that caused a massive deal of controversy for the now seriously wealthy Pharma CEO.

Bresch, had apparently claimed upon her ascension to CEO that she had the MBA in question, er, which wasn’t entirely true. The problem? Per additional reports, perhaps, it looks like the issue stood with the fact that Bresch never achieved the required number of credits to receive the MBA (22/40) despite havin claimed otherwise. It turns out, the University, ended up passin off the MBA to Bresch only after one particular incident occurred.

Officials at WVU apparently claimed in statements from the administration office that Bresch had actually received the MBA, when in fact, she hadn’t.   WVU officials apparently revealed that this (from their independent panel lookin into the problem) was the primary reason for awardin Heather Bresch an MBA she never actually worked for.

It’s worth mentionin that at the time of this issue, she, was the daughter of the governor.


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