Watch: Lady who chucked Chipotle at an innocent worker’s face in Ohio has learned her fate

The internet probably remembers this one and now she’s learned her fate. A woman seen in a previously viral video chucking Chipotle (while it was still hot) at a worker’s face has learned her fate after the video spread like wildfire online.

Rosemary Hayne is this week ‘s entry into the customer from hell. Hayne is the woman previously seen in a Chipotle video chucking hot Chipotle at a Parma Ohio restaurant in an attack seen around the world on an innocent manager.

Hayne has been sentenced to work at Chipotle for two months as a result of her crime. She had initially been sentenced to 6 months in jail, however, the judge in her case later decided that this was a great opportunity to teach Hayne about simply being a kind human.

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