Russell Brand has lost the ability to monetize his YouTube page as site paralyzes his channel amid growing rape scandal

Dominoes are falling for Russell Brand. According to reports, the troubled comedian accused of both sexual assault and rape has lost his money-making abilities on YouTube. On Tuesday, the site confirmed that they suspended the right to make $ over the lurid allegations.

Huff Post reports that YouTube quietly made the decision leading into Tuesday just after both his punisher and manager dropped him entirely. All three parties involved all noted the seriousness of the allegations against him in choosing to no longer work with Brand.

“This decision applies to all channels that may be owned or operated by Russell Brand.” reads a statement from the site per HP.

Brand publicly operates a series of channels all of which have been affected too. They are Awakening With Russell, 426,000 subscribers, Football Is Nice, 20,000 subscribers, and Stay Free With Russell Brand, 22,200 subscribers.

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