Scramble at BBC after claims surface Russell Brand used company provided car to bring 16-year-old victim to him from school in order to rape her: Shocking Details

Shocking new details have surfaced in the case against Russell Brand. According to reports, the story involving a then 16-year-old victim is far more calculated and sinister than originally known.

In the initial allegations, an unidentified woman claims that at the age of 16 she was sexually assaulted and raped by the comedian inside of his home. New details about the alleged crime, however, have set off a flurry of new questions about the true extent in which Brand allegedly abused his fame.

The woman according to reports was often picked up by Brand’s company provided car which was given to him by executives at BBC. Execs of course have now launched major enquiries against claims that they were not aware of this when it allegedly happened.

Efforts to reach BBC for comment went unsuccessful.

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